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IN4089 — Data Visualization

Data visualization makes use of computer-generated images to gain insight and knowledge from data and its inherent patterns and relationships. Data visualizations use a combination of methods from a diverse variety of disciplines: perception, computer graphics, human computer interaction, algorithmics, image processing, machine learning, numerical analysis, optimization, and more. This course covers are broad number of topics from approaches visualization and interaction design, based on robust research to corresponding algorithms.

Affinity to algorithmic thinking and programing skills will be needed. Projects will be implemented in javascript/D3 and C++.

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IN4307 — Medical Visualization

Medical Visualization is a subfield of data visualization with a focus on medical applications. This course covers theory and practice of data acquisition image processing, volume visualization and interaction techniques in clinical practice.

The course consists of a theoretical part (Q1) and an applied project (Q2). Practical aspects are practiced in the visual programming framework MevisLab .